Beach Walk 78 – Negotiate or Compromise?

I love bringing things to consciousness and vlogging about various topics is definitely supportive of the process.

h3. About Today’s Show

One of my favorite things — teasing apart the subtle differences — in this case between negotiation and compromise. To me, it’s much easier to negotiate between energetic peers. We may not be literally equal in all ways, but if we have respect for both self and other, then it is much easier to arrive at an agreement without either person having to cough up or experience loss.

Negotiation comes from strength; compromise is often associated with weakness. The paraglider is negotiating the wind, not attempting to compromise with it. He knows how to work his sail with the power of the wind to get what he wants.

Hawaiian words
Kūkākūkā: negotiate
ʻAelike hoʻokuʻu ma kahi: compromise, one side gives up

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  1. That was a very interesting show.. very thoughtful. I was interested in your perspective in relationships and it made me think that surely, if we give up those things about ourselves that are fundamental to us, then surely we’re with the wrong person? But there are levels, like you said, somethings are fundamental but some are just nice-to-haves and these are the things that we are happy to mould and adjust or even remove. And yes, I agree that people seem much more willing to lose out or go without in the eyes of other people, rather than sell a piece of their soul.

    Thanks for the thoughts