Beach Walk 72 – Paddle Together

Come join us for outrigger canoe practice and a gorgeous sunset!

h3. About Today’s Show

It’s early in the six-man paddling season and one of the coaches asked if we would film the Women’s Novice B crew so they can see how their stroke technique is progressing. Bonus for you is the lovely sunset!

Check out our canoe club: Lanikai Canoe Club.

Featured show music today is by “This Spy Surfs” which you can find at the Podsafe Music Network.

Hawaiian words
Hoe: paddle
Like: together
Hoe like: to paddle together

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  1. […] This show features the Novice B women’s race and Novice B Mixed (women and men) race. You may recognize some of the paddlers from show #72, when they were just starting their training. You Lost fans may also recognize “Krengel” who is AD on the TV show, and was guest director on Beach Walk #64. […]