Beach Walk 63 – Good News, Bad News

Kathy from Colorado says there are a lot more turtles than 30 years ago.

h3. About Today’s Show

Rumors are flying around here about whether the water in Waikiki is really safe for swimming or not. Since this island thrives on tourism, traditional wisdom says to get that water open as fast as possible. This century though, people are more interested in the truth. Everyone I know would rather wait than get an infection. But the officials are under a lot of pressure from (?? who I wonder?) to open the beaches. It’s a risk game, where those in the know take a risk with our health, instead of informing us, and letting each of us decide whether to take the risk or not. Everywhere I turn, I see people wanting the knowledge to exercise their power.

Aloha to Kathy from Colorado for stopping by to tell us about the turtle comeback.

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