Beach Walk 62 – Have You Hugged a Shark Today?

There’s more to the story of Lexi deciding not to swim with me yesterday.

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I followed on today with my curiosity when Lexi refuses to go in the water and swim with me. I think it is because she simply prefers to chase her ball. But, it does remind me of a woman on Maui who swam every morning, with her dog. Until one morning when she was eaten by a tiger shark. Strangely, her dog would not go in the water that morning.

Sharks get a bad rap in my opinion. Here in Hawai’i, they are respected and loved, though declining in numbers.

You can see (or buy) the BBC documentary about tiger sharks.
Tiger Shark Attack: Beyond Fear

Check out urban legends at

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Hawaiian words
Manō: shark
ʻAumākua: personal or family gods; deified ancestors
Lani: heaven, heavenly, spiritual

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