Beach Walk 61 – Behind My Own Eyes

Early morning drive to the beach with me and Lexi.

h3. About Today’s Show

It was early, I was only barely awake, and didn’t have much time for a show today. Please search for your magic in my mundane!

Tip: If you leave a message on the conch, please speak up so we can hear you! It’s noisy out there by the wind and waves. :-)

Hawaiian words
Hoʻokalakupua: magic
Maka: eye

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  1. Yea!! You got your cartwheels in a show! :)

    Thanks for the ride to the beach. I think it turned out really well and was a nice, different perspecitive.

    Counting the hours until I’m back home!

  2. How common it is for us to place our perceptions of ourselves in imaginary thoughts from others. I am amazed how your are able to come up with interesting thoughts every day. Thanks i enjoy them.