Beach Walk 56 – Yogurt and Yoga

It’s the case of the out of stock yogurt and how I learned to take a win when I’m presented with one, regardless of how.

h3. About Today’s Show

I little recent experience reminded me of how hard it can be to drop a grudge that I’ve gotten invested in, even when life has turned and smiled upon me. Polished off with a little yoga, and a Lexi kiss.

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Hawaiian words
Manawa kūpono: Opportunity

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  1. That was a rather timely podcast. I’ve literally just been speaking to someone about a work opportunity in Spain and my first instincts have been to resist, as I not only like where I am in the UK and what I am doing, I also have that natural uncertainty of the being unsure of the unknown! You never know what’s around th next corner 🙂

  2. Thanks for that reminder. Sometimes when you have a passionate heart it can be hard to let go and accept the realities of a situation. Yet, some of my biggest obstacles have been my best gifts.

  3. Hi Rox,

    I like Jogurt very much too. I wanna recommend: Please do not buy the oneway joghurt plastic can.

    I prefer to buy the jogurt in deposit/returnable glasses. In general, oneways cans/bottles should not be longer used for many kinds of food.

    My result, joghurt from a glass tastes much better as from plastic container/can.

    Think on it, how much raw material they need to produce a plastic container.

    I give you more advantages why food in glasses are better:

    1. They taste much better, they don’t use preservatios.
    2. Glass keeps your yogurt longer fresh and on cool temperature ( you can enjoy each spoon of jogurt on the beach )
    3. You can close the glass, save from insects etc.
    4. You don’t have to eat the whole glass one time like you do it when you buy a plastic container.
    5. You see what you buy. I like yummy cherries in jugurt 🙂

    6. Biggest advantage : You help the farmers, only the best milk is used for the products. No import from another countries is needed. We avoid pollution and much another sinless waste of energy.

    I give you an example: When i buy milk in a oneway can, I never use it till its emty, i pour it away ! Isn’t that waste of food ?

    If i buy milk in depposit boddles, i trink it empty, it tastes fresh and has such a better flavour. I know that the producer of it uses the milk from good famers of the country. Not imported one and mix it up like they do it in oneway containers.

    Nice greetings form germany

  4. Mahalo for your comments friends.

    Matt: Keep me informed about your decision. Definitely an intriguing opportunity!

    Jen: I so agree with you! I am quite in love with the process of sorting out what I am truly passionate about, as it often turns out to be not the object of desire on the surface, but the underlying experience I have attached to that object.

    Harald: Umm, good advice for your friends in Deutchland, alas in the USA we have pretty much 100% “one way” containers.

    Aloha nui loa,, Rox