Beach Walk 55 – Raise Your Internet IQ

You may experience some temporary problems watching our videos if you are on Windows using Internet Explorer and have installed the latest security patch from Microsoft.

What’s the solution? Get the Firefox web browser.

h3. About Today’s Show

I got sidetracked this morning reading on the videoblog message list how any web site that uses “Active X” is experiencing errors for Windows users with Internet Explorer. People, it is time to dump that web browser! It is how viruses and spyware get onto your computer. It does not support web standards. It does not have the modern features found in other web browsers.

You have a choice. Choose Firefox. It is free, takes just a minute or two to download and install. It will automatically import your favorites, so you can be rid of IE once and for all!

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  1. Tut tut, naughty naughty! :D

  2. Ah, yes, the MSIE active content issue (a wiki page I built from the videoblogging list discussion). Yet another great reason to dump Internet Explorer. I love Firefox! Be sure to add the “Browse Happy” button on your site!

  3. Here’s the link if anyone wants to read the techno soup on the MS IE issues of late:
    “VoxMedia Wiki”:

    Firefox button coming next!

  4. While I prefer (1) Mc’s and (2) Firefox, it is wrong to blame the download problem on Microsoft. If anything, complain to Apple. They are the ones who actually created the QuickTime ActiveX object that exhibits the problem you described.

  5. Apple’s QuickTime is just one of many applications that are affected by this Microsoft update. Here’s a very small list of the major applications (browser plugins, including Microsoft’s own Windows Media Player) that were affected by Microsoft’s court case in which they lost a $521 million patent dispute with Eolas, a patent which covers plugins in Web pages that show multimedia content.

    Adobe Reader
    Apple QuickTime Player
    Macromedia Flash
    Microsoft Windows Media Player
    Real Networks RealPlayer
    Sun Java Virtual Machine

    Couple of links for more info: