Beach Walk 50 – Good Day for Kite Surfing

Between the strong winds, the approaching full moon, Lexi’s first day back in the water, and calls on the conch line (!), I was a bit discombobulated today. Life happens. I love it!

h3. About Today’s Show

Wow. A lot of things were going “wrong” today. It’s a rough show, but heh, that keeps it real and reminds me that I have taken on quite a task here with my secret cameraman (and editor and director) being off island for nearly a month. For the final topping, the upload server is crawling tonight, so this is a teeny bit late in getting posted.

I am still having a blast and love your feedback, so hele on!

Tip: If you leave a message on the conch, please speak up so we can hear you! It’s noisy out there by the wind and waves. :-)

Hawaiian words
Hele: to go, come, walk; to move, as in a game

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  1. Very nice vlog. I’m glad we can go back into the ocean now. :0)

  2. That shot of Lexi anticipating the ball toss, then running off to fetch it compells this request. I’d love to see a “Beach Walk with Rox” from Lexi’s perspective. Have enjoyed all 50 (the first 32 I watched in the one day I discovered it).

  3. Hmm. Cool request. If the camera weren’t so durn expensive I’d strap it to her back! But as you know, I can’t keep her out of the water…

    But I am going to give it some serious thought! She is by far the star of the show. :-)

    I may wait for the secret cameraman to return though, as he is much better at things like this than I am. I hope you’ll stick around.

    Any other viewers have advice for me on how to pull this off?