Beach Walk 48 – None of This Matters

It’s Day 7 of .

For the closing show I turn to the topic of “spiritual danger.”

h3. About Today’s Show

I happen to have an unusual view of life and spirituality. I believe we are divine and part of the divine, living with chosen limits and boundaries. It is quite the opposite of having to earn or learn one’s way into heaven. It frees me up on days when the news is depressing, when the water is foul and the skies are gray. I can remember, none of this matters in the overall scheme of things. I can do whatever I want to feel the way I want to feel right here, right now.

Hawaiian words
He mea Ê»ole: it doesn’t matter

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  1. Here is a lovely blog that visually communicates what I was talking about in this episode.
    David Meade

  2. That was a great show and I very much agree with your thinking on who we are, what we’re doing and the grand scheme of things. Thanks for the grounding thoughts 🙂

  3. My pleasure Matt!

    For those of you wanting more videos, here is link to a list of the video bloggers from the week that was dangerous: VLOG Week 2006 Participants. Mahalo to

  4. hi,
    i just found your vlog and I am enjoying the content of spiritual and psychological reflection. I am a social work student and I love learning and talking about conciousness. My husband and I have a vlog where we discuss inner peace and outer action. We both try to practice “engaged” buddhism. I like to think of my actions as “significant as the universe and as insignificant as a piece of sand”. Kind of a paradox.
    I enjoyed the reminder that “none of this matters”, it is always easy to forget.

  5. Hi Jen – mahalo for stopping by. I love your quote – it really captures that seeming dichotomy that I embrace so fullly (even if I don’t always remember). It is easy enough to get it backwards, and I love how the video blog community in particular is communicating this in so many creative ways. I feel like I’m home now. 🙂