BeachWalk 47 – Naked Truth

It’s Day 6 of

With the physical stuff sorted out, I turn my attention to the psychologically dangerous things.

h3. About Today’s Show

I borrowed a phrase from the talk show host, Michael Savage, “psychological nudity.” Yes, it feels dangerous to disclose things about oneself, or to agree with your enemy. But that is part of the edge when it comes to getting at the “naked truth” of things.

Hawaiian words
Hūnā: to hide or keep in secret

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  1. I think that agreeing with enemies means losing a part of yourself which is dangerous.

  2. This is an understandable fear. However I think that if we are to learn to co-exist, then it makes sense to find points of agreement to use as a foundation for negotiation. For every issue, there are many perspectives. For every pair of enemies, there are likely a few beliefs that are shared in common. I find it very rare for two people to completely disagree on everything, as we each are so rich in opinions, history, and experiences.

    Group think makes it very difficult these days to actually consider a person’s argument, because we make so many snap judgments based on the speaker and/or the speaker’s affiliation. I find the more confident I am in my beliefs, the more open-minded I can be actually to hearing another person’s perspective.

    Let’s remember that it’s in my nature to see both sides and to seek harmony. This is not true for everyone.

  3. Isn’t one of our problems that we are so set and rigid and often unbending and that the often most flexible minds can be as stern as any others? Surely life is fluid and forever changing? What I like today doesnt necessarily sit the same as yesterday.. so if my thoughts and feelings change, then thoughts and feelings are merely a matter of timing. We might never agree on the big things that separate us, but perhaps we do agree on some of the smaller things and perhaps even if we dont agree on the big things, we can have a heart open enough to understand why someone thinks the way they do.. what has lead them to feel so strongly. (I’m rambling.. someone stop me!)