Beach Walk 45 – Danger can build self confidence.

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Please join me at a very windy beach to hear how doing dangerous things is building my confidence.

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As often happens with me, I start seeing a thread of logic woven through my ramblings. You’ll hear it in today’s show. Plus, observations on how things that be dangerous are all confused. It used to be safe to jump in the ocean here and dangerous in much of the world to speak the truth.

Now, it’s the opposite.

A local man is seriously ill after falling into Ala Wai Harbor (after all the sewage overflows from heavy rain) while Scooter Libby essentially outs the President of the United States and lives to tell!

Listen to Eve Ensler’s take on The Power and Mystery of Naming Things at NPR.

Mahalo nui loa to guest director, Stacey Olson.

Hawaiian words
Hilinaʻi: confidence

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  1. Nice perspectives on how things are switching places. They happen so gradually that we don’t usually see them until in hindsight.

    The water is looking better but sad to hear it’s still in such bad shape.

    Was great how Lexi kept wondering in and out of frame.

    Mahalo Stace for all your help while I’m gone!!!

  2. Just want to say that your vlog is so relaxing. It’s so sad to see such beautiful water that can’t be touched. I’m hoping we all become more aware that the earth needs to be taken care of.

  3. Today is a mix of sadness and joy. The man who fell in the water has died of his infections. Yet the water is starting to heal and I let Lexi go in this morning to play with her ball. I am going to wait for the official word. But as could be expected, the stories of corruption are coming out re: how funds for sewer improvements have been diverted. And how can developers develop 40 story high-rises without investing in infrastructure? That’s a lot of poo that has to go somewhere… We are more aware of it here on an island.

    And how the government (no longer of the people and for the people) are both with holding information (those water quality data should be posted online every day; we shouldn’t have to beg and get FOIA claims involved).

    I do believe though that knowledge is power and sooner than later the government will be back to the people – not a ruling class as they have come to think of themselves. It will take time. But I believe it is unstoppable.

  4. Just wanted to say that we (Kaimoku) absolutely love Beach Walks With Rox! It is as though the music we create has somehow found it’s soulmate with your vidcast. Thank you for playing our music!

  5. Zorro! I am so glad you stopped by and left this beautiful comment. Soulmates to be sure, and I hope to meet you soon. Please drop me an email with your phone number at [email protected] so I can call you up. Me ke aloha pumehana, Rox.