Beach Walk 41 – Up Close & Personal

Confined to my car today by the unrelenting rain, I got a little long winded talking about one of my favorite things – how the internet is bringing us together, helping us be more conscious and discover our unique, subjective realities.

About Today’s Show:

I felt rather vulnerable shooting this show today, as I was inside the car with camera mounted on the dash. (Take note those of you who suffer from claustrophobia!) But that’s the deal here, keep it real. I talked more about “no ka oi” and how it’s energy of “da best” is so different from the usual absolute, use of the word, “best.” In my eyes, you are most definitely no ka oi!

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Hawaiian words
No ka oi: the best!

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  1. Very intimate. Wonderful job, Rox!

    Aloha Lexi!! 🙂

  2. squidhead says

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