Beach Walk 40 – Blue Skies Are What Is

This is a day I was glad the weather forecasters were wrong.

About Today’s Show:

Guest Director: Stacey Olson (Mahalo Stacey – your maiden voyage is no ka oi!)

Despite the lousy weather and flooding of homes and businesses, aloha is in the air and I find people (including me) take life in stride more easily than on the mainland. So often we get caught up in what we think things should be, rather than what they are. It’s fine to have preferences, but when reality is coming at me from an altogether different direction, I find I am happier if I can go with it.

Of course, some days that is harder, for whatever reasons, and on those days I try to make time for a conscious meltdown. What’s that? Listen to Show #031 to find out!

As promised, here are some links to local news stories from yesterday’s torrential rains.

Island Wide Rains
Surprise Ending at Movie Theatre
Rain Photo Gallery

Hawaiian words
No ka oi: the best!

Hmmm. I searched the Hawaiian dictionary for “reality” and it said “no words found.” Now that is a whole new aspect of “aloha” for me!

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  1. Congrats Rox and Stacey on a great show!! New camera, blue skies, new angles! So much different and I’ve only been gone 2 days. 🙂

    And wouldn’t you know it?! You had blue skies and we had rain and clouds here in Santa Fe. Hopefully I brought the rain with me so the island can dry up a bit and New Mexico can get some much needed water!

    Already looking forward to tomorrow’s show. Great job, ladies!

  2. PS: Great catches, Lexi!! 🙂

  3. I am just loving these Beach Walks! Great camera work, Stace!