Beach Walk 38 – Peaceful and Private

Lexi and I invite you to join us for a private walk in the rain along Kawainui Marsh.

About Today’s Show:

I have discovered that my relationships thrive when I get adequate private time just for me. Not having to think about or talk to or interact with anyone else. It takes special friends who understand this and don’t take offense when I take a pass on getting together, regardless of the occasion.

Read more about Robert Probst, the inventor of the office cubicle (famed for the loss of privacy at work though not the intended purpose – it was meant to be more collaborative than cage-like) and long time employee of Herman Miller.

Hawaiian words
Pilikino: private
Maluhia: peace, tranquility

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  1. First to comment. Wooo Hooo!! 🙂

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Interesting to be on the “watching” end instead of the “production” end. I can understand now how our viewers look forward to the walk with you each morning. It was the first thing I did this morning.

    Missing you and our Lexi.