Beach Walk 37 – Let’s Paddle

This is a rare chance to get out on the water from the vantage point of a 40′ outrigger canoe on a cool, silvery morning. We went straight off shore looking for whales.

About Today’s Show:

Otherwise, welcome to my first solo show. Shot with a little still camera in 20 second clips, held at arms distance and no mic! A challenging combination of broken video camera and first day of cameraman gone. I had fun! (Though for sure the quality is not what you marvelous viewers have grown accustomed to…and a little late to the server too!)

The new camera has arrived though, so I look forward to getting back up to speed tomorrow. Say some prayers for my cameraman; he’s so concerned about my having to do a month of shows on my own. his blood pressure is already too high and I don’t want to push it! I have found two guest camera-people. Remember, I’d love to have some guest film makers join me the month of April.

Mahalo nui loa to may patient paddler friends who indulged me in the filming. Mary, Stacey, Maggie, Oma, and Mollie – the gracious one who shares the WaÊ»a lele with all of us.

Paddling background music is by Torchomatic

Hawaiian words
Leokū pākahi: solo
Waʻa: canoe
Hoe: paddle

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  1. I actually loved the POV, and the technical limitations (20 seconds, frame rate, sound quality) didn’t bother me one bit. Most vlogs I like are pretty simple operations, and while that makes your DV/two-person/post-production values really stand out, I’m here for the stories, the voice, the connection, and you do that well in any medium, Roxanne!

  2. Awesome show!!! I could almost feel the water coming off the paddles to splash me. You did a nice job of including us in on your little journey. Great music selection, too.

  3. Glad you liked it. I’ve really been wanting to get the paddling into a show, and these girls gave me the opportunity. With the hard rains today, it’s looking like another POV show! That Olympus camera canhandle some rain splash – and I’m too chicken to take out the new beauty in this stuff!

    love, rox

  4. You did a wonderful job and the little cam took great clips out on the water.

    I’m trying not to be too concerned. Not at all concerned about your shooting, editing or creative talents. More concerned about all the time it takes to shoot, edit and post a daily show.

    Mucho mahalos in advance to your guest camera operators!

  5. Simply stunning. The show was simple in it’s form and so very beautiful; the whole piece was completely relaxing and gave me a very different perspective. Made me feel like I was on there too (not paddling though, you girls were doing a grand job) 🙂

  6. This one really brought me back to the Islands! Thank you.

  7. Nice