Beach Walk 36 – Help!

Special guest today!

About Today’s Show:

My secret cameraman (and editor) is going to the mainland for the month of April. He’ll be in Santa Fe, London, and Dublin; if anyone wants to meet him, I think I can talk him into breaking cover! It’s going to be a wild time in his absence as I attempt to continue our daily beach walk. Please continue sending me your love and support; it will help!

I am looking for guest camera people who would like to be part of Beach Walks. I have a few fun things planned that I can do on my own, and pending the weather, a few other adventures that might be near the beach but not on it. If you are interested, please be in touch! I can meet you anywhere on Oʻahu.

Video Podcast Tip: It turns out that most people must not use a microphone input on their prosumer cameras. We spent quite a bit of time (and a blooper run to Costco) chasing after cameras without a mic in. As mentioned in Beach Walk #9 our wireless mic is a necessity when shooting along the windward shores of Hawai’i. But this is isn’t the first time we discover we’re in the minority on something.

Hawaiian words
Kokua: help
Malama pono: take care

Be in Touch!


  1. This was such fun…I felt as if I was right there with my beautiful granddaughter Kaile! This is the first time I have been able to really see her teeth.


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