Beach Walk 33 – Hug and Shake

People in Hawaii hug more than most of the rest of the world, even in the business community. But that doesn’t mean everyone likes it.

About Today’s Show:

I talked about a recent poll in the Pacific Business News that asked local business people if they preferred a hug or a handshake greeting at business meetings. A question that I doubt would ever even be asked in any other location. Nonetheless, media usually want to get these things into little provocative short sound bites, forcing people who want to play the poll game to choose sides. As it turns out, about 75% prefer a handshake. That close to 20% prefer a hug, I think is remarkable.

But more relevant is the context of the business situation. It is rather different being on a first meet and greet with total strangers as compared to a recurring visit with a beloved colleague or client.

Beach Walks is about context. Life happens in the moment; the usual rules may or may not apply!

Hawaiian words
PÅ«liki: hug, embrace
ʻŌkole: butt

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