Beach Walk 32 – Process v. Product

Come along with me and Lexi for the beginning of a gorgeous sunset and a little talk about enjoying the process as compared to investing heavily in the product or outcome.

About Today’s Show:

I had my #2 yammering in my ear today about how she likes other people’s shows more. The #2 (aka “inner child”) is pretty exclusively focused on the end result of anything I do. To her, that is all that matters, as it holds the (once and for all) key to permanent happiness.

I prefer to get my happiness in the moment, as I have no idea what the ultimate outcome will be, or even when it will occur. Product is a great thing to provide inspiration. “Let’s do a daily video on my beach walk!” But for me, the energy would go sour fast if I ended up suffering too much “just to get a show out.” I treasure my beach walks, so my process right now is how do I keep that pleasure, and then share it with you, so it has a chance to magnify? There is a Tantric saying I am reminded of now: “As I receive pleasure, so the Universe receives pleasure through me.” There are other places for you to find prepped and polished shows about the beach or Hawaii. I offer this show as a chance to be here now with Lexi and me, enjoying the process.

Hawaiian word
Holoholo: to go out for pleasure

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  1. Hi Roxanne,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy being able to come home every day and download a fresh new window onto your little bit of Paradise.
    I know you enjoy open honest discussion, so in such I have to tell you I don’t always “get where you’re coming from” sometimes, but I still enjoy what you are doing and the drive and determination it takes. So keep up the good work, tell #2 to lay off, and I look forward to seeing what the Spring and Summer bring for the Aloha State.

  2. Don’t always get where I’m coming from? That’s understandable (just ask a few of my ffriends!) and thanks for your comment Steve. Several factors at play here. One is that I am juggling (a) not wanting a scripted show with (b) the short 4-6 minute framework we have agreed on out of consideration for the size of video files and your – the viewers – time frame. Plus (c) the fact that the wind and the rain and Lexi and my own thoughts make it a challenge some days to stay on point.

    I realize I often wrap up my thoughts when creating the post for each show later that day. So if you’re feeling a bit confused by my wanderings, I offer the show notes to try to make some sense of it.

    I am also intending to be more specific, with real examples as compared to lofty concepts. Your feedback is a helpful nudge in that direction! Please feel free to suggest topics! I have plenty ‘o opinions to share.

    Mahalo too,