Beach Walk 31 – Cheers for Tears, Part 2

With four long meetings today in three different parts of the island, we found ourselves filming at Compadres Restaurant in Honolulu while the rain came at Ala Moana Beach Park across the street.

About Today’s Show:

Two more stories about the positivity of crying. Thanks to Nick and all the staff at Compadres – they were spot on friendly, professional, and helpful. Given the chance to sit down and chat, I turned this into a long show!

Links mentioned in the show:
Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber
Music of Howard Shore
JRoq and Doctor Trey CD
JRoq and Doctor Trey Site
Podsafe Music Network
Re:invention marketing blog
Rancho La Puerta Spa
Jack Canfield

Hawaiian words
Hāʻawipio: to give up or surrender

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  1. Guys, you may already know this but itunes has not added Walk No 31 to its subscription list. I couldn’t believe you’d actually MISS one, so I checked your site…. and sure enough there it was. I’m not sure why or if changing the coding might have affected itunes but it’s a bit of a coincidence!

    I’m enjoying the show, as always. Keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks for the note Cal. I just checked and it appears it still has not updated. We were late posting it last nite, though I date-stamped it for the 23rd. We’ll keep an eye on it but most likely this is “our bad” and we missed some sort of window, though of course that doesn’t make total sense.

    Glad you like the show! And thanks for making the trip over to the site.




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