Beach Walk 27 – Enjoy the Rain

There were very dark heavy rains this morning – until Lexi and I decided to go to the beach anyway – when the skies cleared for us for 30 minutes.

About Today’s Show:

It was a good morning to linger in bed and finish reading Life of Pi. But as I actually like the rain, Lexi and I decided to go to the beach any way. We just left the camera at home. Curiously, the rain actually paused for us. I’ve noticed this effect before. If I am willing to go out and face that which appears to be “blocking” or otherwise discouraging me, I find that life changes. Perhaps in response, perhaps a “co-incidence.”

Coincidence. Another word I like. The popular connotation speaks to randomness, but I like the more literal expression: a co-incidence. It feels more intentional. I found this “official” definition at, “A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.”

I hope you enjoy the rich full sounds and scenery captured by the secret cameraman.

Note: On the iPod rejecting videos, it’s actually an iTunes thing. A recent iTunes software update started rejecting all videos that were not .m4v. Apple knows about it and said they are working on it. Hopefully they’ll have a fix out quickly. If you right-click on a video and choose “Convert selection for iPod” then it works fine.

Hawaiian words
Ūlialia: coincidence

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  1. Hi Roxanne:

    Just a note to let you know that I just found your vblog and am enjoying it very much. It’s so relaxing to hear you and watch you and your dog enjoying the beach. Please keep it up!


  2. Hey Izzy –

    Mahalo for your comment. Lexi and i are hooked, so we plan on continuing. We really appreciate your stopping by to say hello!