Beach Walk 22 – Power to the People

E komo mai to show number 22 of Beach Walks with Rox.

About Today’s Show:

There are plenty of people who “get it,” i.e. are actively engaged in web 2.0, online communities and web transactions. I think the desire to bring others into the fold is a left over urge from the past, when indeed it was often necessary to build masses willing to topple certain institutions for people to become free and free to associate.

Now, the internet enables us to find like minds. The rest of the world can keep on truckin’ in their disinterest. We don’t need the mainstream to the masses for our news, entertainment, sustenance, or connections. It’s way cool to have this tool!

Tune in tomorrow when Jay Fidell and I talk more about all of this on his weekly radio show on Hawaii Public Radio, ThinkTechHawaii.

Check out the PodSafe Music Network too, to see how musicians are getting their music noticed without the big labels.

On the iPod rejecting videos, it’s actually an iTunes thing. A recent iTunes software update started rejecting all videos that were not .m4v. Apple knows about it and said they are working on it. Hopefully they’ll have a fix out quickly. If you right click on a video and choose “Convert selection for iPod” then it works fine.

Hawaiian words
Mana: power
Mea ho’ohau’oli: entertainment

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