Beach Walk 20 – Be Here Now

E komo mai to show number 20 of Beach Walks with Rox.

O sole mio today as the camerman stayed home for some well-desrvered rest, and to add new tags to our feeds. You can now see the time of each show before you subscribe. Question: Do you want this show available in Windows Media Player? Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

About Today’s Show:

life-of-pi.jpgVarious conversations with people in the last day plus the book I am reading, Life of Pi, got me thinking how often we think about, plan for, try to guess — the future. I think a few hundred years ago it might actually have been somewhat doable. Things moved more slowly; we were all pretty much living out a very scripted game. So there wasn’t a lot of room for unexpected change.

But now! So many things are changing so fast. We are no longer dependent on a “tribe” for our safety, security, and survival. And we know it. So life is becoming more spontaneous and unpredictable all the time. If there are any doubts as to whether the wisdom of the universe supports this trend or not, let me mention the weather! There is hardly anything that is more measured, computerized, updated constantly with real-time data, etc. and yet, bless those meteorologists, they just can’t get it right more often than chance it seems. One of these we’ll get comfortable “just showing up” and seeing what happens.

I am personally trying to have more fun here and now, instead of packing away hoped-for fun for the future. It’s one of those many things that is easy to talk about, not so easy to do on a moment by moment basis. But that is where I start my practice. I have a note on my computer that asks me, “How am I feeling right now? What do I really want right now?” It takes guts to act on those impulses. And it takes smarts to know which of the many voices is the #2 (neurotic, powerless, escapist me) vs. the #1 (functional adult, powerful, free me.)

If I truly believe I am safe and the Universe is 100% for me, then it makes most sense to trust what I am experiencing in the here and now as the most relevant thing in my life at this moment. And if I miss something? I trust that if it is truly relevant, it will show again and again until I get it.

Hawaiian words
Makana: gift
ʻānō: now, present

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