Beach Walk 18 – Break the Energy!

E komo mai to show number 18 of Beach Walks with Rox.

It’s Aloha Friday though you wouldn’t know it from our continued gray weather. Lexi and break the energy by jumping around on the beach.

About Today’s Show:

We often land on Friday pretty darn tired. The gray weather doesn’t seem to help. (Yes, probably a good case of SAD too.) Pardon my mangling of a little physics on the show. I was tired, like I said, and I trust you smart viewers will get my drift.

Some people have good results with a full spectrum HappyLite but me, I’m jonesin’ for a swim! That’s what I’m hooked on for really clearing my head and breaking the energy.

Hawaiian words
Ikehu: energy
Pau: finished, done

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  1. […] To me, it is the #2 who feels the need to justify or prove. It is the #1 who can listen to an inner calling or curiosity and be willing to give it a chance. Keep in mind that the #2 is mostly looking for trouble, so s/he is likely to frame the situation with pressure on both sides: “You must” or “You can’t” going on simultaneously. If that is the case, time to get the #2 out of the picture, time to break up that energy. […]