Beach Walk 16 – Thoughts on Hard

E komo mai to show number 16 of Beach Walks with Rox.

Fresh off an hour of good, hard paddling, it’s an opportunity to shake loose the notion that working hard is always better.

About Today’s Show

Paddling in the six-person outrigger canoe frequently presents me with a parallel experience for the rest of life. I’ve inherited the WASP work ethic which is based on working hard, all the time. Only wimps rest. But in reality as I learned today, we can paddle the hardest when coming off a series of changes that were long, relaxed and easy. We built up the reserve, and we burst through to a new glide. Now that is fun! When I am rested enough, there are few things I enjoy more than a good hard, physical workout. Hard works best when it follows rest.

Hawaiian words
Maha: rest, at ease, comfort
Hoe: paddle, to paddle

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