Beach Walk 14 – Silver Lining

E komo mai to show number 14 of Beach Walks with Rox. Just back from paddling the six-woman outrigger canoe, and realizing that paddling, like so many things, is infused with all sorts of other benefits besides getting a good workout.

About Today’s Show:

I talked today about one of the reasons I love paddling so much – it gets me out on the water and able to look back at my life with a new perspective….and that is a whole separate pleasure from the physical act. I find it easy to forget that doing something sometimes has a completely different point than would appear on the surface. It’s so easy to get caught up in the overt action, and expect it to be delivering me a certain result, when in fact, there is a silver lining if I just step back a few inches and open my eyes to other possibilities.

It’s one thing talking about diamonds and pearls – paddling on the sparkling Pacific while gazing back at the beautiful Koolau range. It’s altogether another when what I set out to do is not working as I planned. But it’s really the same effect. There are so many levels to a single experience that to focus only on one (the expected one, the product part of the experience) is to miss an opportunity for consciousness. And darn, I hate to miss out on that!

Hawaiian words
Ê»ike: to see, know, feel…to receive revelations from the gods

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