Beach Walk 10 – You, Me, and Success

E komo mai to show number 10 of Beach Walks with Rox.

A glimmer of sun today! I continue the discussion from yesterday as I work on sorting out my personal experience from all those darn books out there telling me how to be successful.

About Today’s Show:

“If it’s meant to be, there’s nothing I can do to stop it” flies right in the face of the success industry. I prefer to think about process over product, and live in the power and pleasure of this moment, not yesterday’s and not tomorrow’s. Lexi also thinks it’s just as fun to chase the ball as to occasionally rest and let it come to her (courtesy of the waves that wash ashore.) Nothing wrong with letting the sea help out.

Tomorrow I think I’ll talk more about this, because it does get so confusing knowing what part I really can influence and what part is outside my sphere of control. I also have some interesting numbers about Hawaii, and when I went to look up “success” in the Hawaiian dictionary, I got this message: “No entries found for success.” Hmmm, I feel some aloha wisdom brewing.

Share your ideas of a successful day or moment or experience. Call the conch line or leave us a comment here.

Mahalo again to Vernon at 808Talk for sharing our show with his listeners. We’ve added his cool promo to this video podcast.

Hawaiian words
liʻu: deep, profound

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  1. Roxanne,

    Just wanted to say a big Mahalo for the shoutout on the show. I really enjoy watching each episode. It has been my passion to share Hawaii with everyone else, and through my podcast I can do just that. I see that you also have the same passion of sharing Hawaii, Aloha, and an abundance of information with the world. I truely do appreciate your vidcast!


  2. Mahalo Ditto Vernon. I am really enjoying doing the show and it’s bonus energy for me that you are enjoying it too!

  3. Debbie Wilhelm says

    You inspire me. I would love to meet you, however I live in Tucson, Az. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Debbie! Thank you for commenting and finding this two-year old episode. We love it that Beach Walks is perennial in many ways. And you never know – we may just meet sometime. Here, there, or somewhere.
    Aloha, Rox