Beach Walk 7 – Wind & Web 2.0

E komo mai and welcome to show number 7 of Beach Walks with Rox.

Find out how the conch line works, see the 25+ mile per hour winds, and let’s start talking about how the internet continues to turn business upside down. We’re now on VlogMap see the link in the blogroll on the right, or view my comment on yesterday’s show.

Lexi and I would love to hear from you (or your dog), so call the Conch line! (via skype:roxannedarling or call 1-949-544-1456.) We’ll add your audio comment to the show.

About Today’s Show:

Wow! I received two calls on the conch line today. Mind you, I don’t mind talking into the camera, (some have said I am a legend in my own mind) but it’s a wonderful feeling to hear from you! Mahalos to Steve, Jersey, and to Vernon over at 808Talk for mentioning Beach Walks on his show earlier this week. Vernon really has the local Oahu scene covered folks. He’s currently helping to promote the Lokahi ONE initiative, whereby U2 fans will be raising -money and- awareness to eliminate poverty. (Reporting error fixed!)

Business is on my mind these days. Part of Beach Walks is to play with Web 2.0 tools and demonstrate what can happen with relatively little effort, just by tapping in. Yes we have day jobs (our own company) so this is really a test case and a demo site in addition to a personal desire of mine. We’ll have to see where all it goes, so stay tuned whether you like the content or want to observe the process.

Hawaiian words
lokahi: unity, harmony
hana: business
kuleana: privilege, responsibility
makani: wind

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  1. Dear webmaster,

    The information on your page:
    is partly incorrect. You write:

    “He’s currently helping to promote the Lokahi ONE initiative, whereby U2 fans will be raising money and awareness to eliminate poverty.”

    We are NOT raising money. Our campaign is about raising awareness on extreme poverty, but NOT about raising money.

    Please correct this as soon as possible,

    Thank you 🙂


  2. Hi again 🙂

    In addition, I want to say thank you for mentioning this on your page, that is very nice! We still need more volunteers, and people like you help us to make this work 🙂

    More info at:



  3. Sorry about the communication glitch. I have fixed it in the post! Rox

  4. Thank you 🙂 That was fast! I would like to repeat again that we appreciate a lot your support.

    Have a beautiful day,


  5. I know I’m off topic but today is the best day as she has said