Beach Walk 5 – Live and/or Work

E komo mai and welcome to show number 5 of Beach Walks with Rox. It’s the weekend! Time to stop for coffee and flowers at Kalapawai Market before a nice long walk and swim.

Lexi and I would love to hear from you (or your dog), so call the Conch line! (via skype:roxannedarling or call 1-949-544-1456.) We’d love to add your audio comment to the show.

About Today’s Show:

I love the idea of doing this video cast and being able to put into motion many of the ideas on our project that we have been developing for clients. It seems to me that people are increasingly less willing to maintain two different personas or ways of being, one for work and one for “life.” I consider that a positive step for consciousness.

Sally, (lady in pink t-shirt at the checkout counter) is one of my Kailua favorites. She has a way of being cheerful and entertaining even when her dry wit seems to be talking about something cranky. She embodies this spirit I like of not faking it up. Yes it’s her job to be nice to the customers, and yet she does it in such an authentic, non-sugary, no-phony way.

You can view pictures of our Loft in Santa Fe –one of the first places in New Mexico to be zoned work-live, as compared to “residential” or “office/industrial” If you’re traveling to Santa Fe, let us know! It’s available for rent as a short term vacation/work space.

How are you connecting the breaths between life and work?

Music is Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment

Hawaiian words
hana: work
noho: live
noho kai: to live by the sea

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