Beach Walk 2 – 23 February 2006

E komo mai and welcome to show number 2 of Beach Walks with Rox. Winter rains continued today and it made for the most mystical and beautiful morning. Today’s shows introduces you to outrigger canoe paddling, which is one of my favorite past-times.

About Today’s Show:

Winter morning, it’s cold, windy, and rainy. Lanikai Beach. Meet the “wa’a lele” outrigger canoe that we paddle in several mornings a week plus check out the difference between a paddle blade and a steering blade.

Hawaiian words
anuenue: rainbow
wa’a: canoe
lele: to fly, jump, leap, burst forth; to sail through the air
hoe: paddle

Mahalo nui loa to the Foti family who share the wa’a lele with us and to my great camera man, Shane. If you are a traveler, be sure to check out the Foti Filter to breathe clean, fresh, moist air on your next long, dry airplane trip.

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  1. Hi Roxy – Just watched your Beach Walks #2. My favorite parts were the background heavy breathing from Lexi – added a nice touch. The music was nice and relaxing, too. Tyler looked over from watching the Olympics
    on the tv and said “wow, I just realized that I was walking on that same beach before.”

  2. Wanted to check your video out. I had a hard time opening it. I will try it on another computer. Your website has a nice vibe to it. I will be back. Check out my blog on paddling. some fun paddling videos.

  3. Lexa Ayer says

    Dear Roxanne,
    I am totaly addicted already! I’m just catching up with your back shows. I asked you for some help in my last email, and realize I’m not ready for it and it would be more efficient when I am to try and find someone here first. Thanks you for your wonderful show and your inspiration.
    Lexa Ayer