Beach Walk 1 – 22 February 2006

E komo mai and welcome to show number 1 of Beach Walks with Rox.

I started playing around with a little video many months back. Mahalos to Ryan Ozawa and Eric Rice for helping me get started with video. I now want to bring you a little slice of my morning routine, which is a daily walk and swim on “Lani-Kailua” or Lanikai and Kailua beaches in Hawaii.

About Today’s Show:

Winter morning, it’s cold, windy, and rainy. Lanikai Beach. Still beautiful. Still swim. Talk about my first Hawaiian massage 30 years ago and decision to come to Hawaii.

Hawaiian words
hanai: to raise, feed, nourish; adopted child, foster child
mana: supernatural or divine power
lomi: to rub, squeeze, knead, massage, as in lomilomi massage

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  1. Just watched beach walk #1. Can’t wait to have Connie see it when she gets home.
    Someday we will take that walk with you.

    Don’t know about the swim though. I have this fear of the big water and the things that live in it.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s walk.

  2. What a treat! A perfect morsel of Rox reflection and Hawaii spirit, and a great introduction to what’ll hopefully be a great series of beach walks. I got the feeling you liked that Kaimoku track. Sounds like you got the sound challenges licked, too! I’d love to see a page with your hardware and software setup.

  3. Mahalo nui for the kind words everybody. Ryan – great suggestion! We’ll be adding a page soon with all the cool stuff we are using to make the video podcast.

    Me ke aloha pumehana.

  4. That was great! I almost feel like I paddled this morning. Thanks for letting me live vicariously. I like the Hawaiian words you added, as well. Very fun!